Who we are

Responsiveness, quality and safety are the watchwords at Heli Evénements

Responsiveness, quality and safety are our watchwords.

Specialising in the Normandy region since 2004, we offer a wide range of tourist options, with tours exploring the most beautiful sites such as Mont-Saint-Michel, the D-Day landing beaches, the sumptuous cliffs of Etretat or the loops of the Seine and its Abbeys.

On request, we can also provide tailor-made flights for your business trips or private events.

Our experience in aerial photography means that we regularly work with well-known audiovisual and events teams.

For load-lifting operations, we have an Ecureuil AS350 B3e/H125 helicopter and trained personnel at our disposal.

With all our technical and interpersonal know-how, we’re sure to be able to take you to new heights!


As a helicopter airline, Héli Evénements has taken the initiative to commit to a responsible approach to sustainable development, ethics and respect for the environment.

We have therefore decided to implement concrete initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. We have invested in a latest-generation helicopter, equipped with advanced technologies that enable us to minimise CO2 emissions and reduce our fuel consumption.

Our commitment to CSR also extends to our diversity and inclusion policy.

We are convinced that these initiatives are essential to guarantee the long-term future of our business and to meet the expectations of our customers, who are keen to preserve the environment.

We will continue to work towards a more responsible and sustainable future to help build a better world.

We want to be an agent of change.

Héli Evénements is a civil aviation certified airline – Public Transport Approval No. FR.AOC.0082. The air carrier operating licence (CTA) is issued by the DGAC and awarded to airlines with sufficient moral, financial and technical guarantees.

The easy way up

You’ll be seated aboard a VIP-configured Ecureuil AS 350 B3e / H125 helicopter, offering all the comfort you need for a high-quality flight. Its five seats give each passenger a panoramic view, and its elegant black seats offer the prospect of a moment of relaxation.

Noise-reducing Bose headphones ensure the quietest possible journey and clear communication with the pilot.

My life took off when I took the controls of this fabulous machine. The helicopter was a childhood dream that I realized. It has allowed me to develop to my full potential. Bewitching, agile and powerful, it continues to fascinate me, as much for its technical qualities as for its ability to make us dream. I could talk about it for hours with the same enthusiasm! Flying over the beaches of Normandy, spotting the beautiful estates of our region or approaching the mountainous terrain during the Tour de France are emotions I never tire of experiencing at every opportunity. There’s no obstacle on the horizon – total freedom!

Olivier Boutté